Sectors & Segments


IMS TECHNOLOGIES GROUP’s Converting Division is specialized in the design and manufacture of:

Primary and converter first-class machinery (slitter rewinders, automatic unwinders and rewinders, spooling machines, inspection re-winders, embossing machines …) in the paper, film and aluminium foil industries

Rewinder machines and all related ancillary equipments (packaging machines, shrink wrapping systems …) for producing aluminium foil, plastic film and baking paper rolls

IMS TECHNOLOGIES GROUP’s Automotive Division is specialized in the design and manufacture of:

Semi-automatic and fully automatic machinery for the thermoforming of Automotive Interiors soft trims (floor carpets, trunk trims, wheel arches, package trays, headliners, bonnet insulations...)

Primarily precision horizontal and vertical CNC turning and boring systems for complex part production needs (differential case, ring gear, stem pinion, axle shaft, connecting rod...)

Precision dimensional control solutions for manufacturers of machined parts like tool positioning systems (amplifier, tool positioned, cutting tool), gauges, controllers and dimensional control software

Flexible and re-deployable infrared ovens for the heating and relaxing of wrinkles for automotive seating assembly

IMS TECHNOLOGIES GROUP’s Specials Division is specialized in the design and manufacture of:

Customized vertical injection molding machineries for the over-moulding of components with complicated shapes and dimensions and the possibility of manual or automatic loading

Low pressure, gravity and die-casting tools for aluminium alloy for different industries